moments of life : our modest microclimate

The Greek sun and the Cycladic wind dries our washing and we enjoy the clean, fresh-smelling, hand-made cotton bed linen and towels at our country house.


The Writer’s home & Guest-home is founded on a deep commitment to the environment.  This help us to keep up the vision for a green-friendly Serifos and achieve the goal for a sustainable hospitality.

Serifos eco residency

sleep on these - Serifos eco-concious


Using ashes as soil fertilizer let us recycle waste while helping to enrich and grow our country house’s luscious garden and this is what we do every early spring.


if luck’s on our site and you’re here at the right time we will share the family produce


the newly planted girls are growing well and we are happy | 2016


our olive girls celebrated their 2nd anniversary and we are happy | 2018


spring’s agricultural works – March 2020


aromatic Arbaroriza used in making traditional greek quince spoon-sweet, is growing in our land and we love her. this spring we find more places to plant more arbaroriza in the garden


once upon a time, late August, pressing grapes together with our guests


Serifos Easter Eggs colored by Riza or Rizari
during Easter we are colouring our eggs with “riza” or “rizari”, like the locals do


Serifos eco-friendly: reduce energy consumption
Eco-Friendly: reduce energy consumption. thankfully there are lot of ways. big little dreams may come true. and this is our outdoor shower with cabinet


Serifos - our serendipity
serendipity – our way to take care for all of us here

Serifos home energy conservation

eco friendly home
we are so happy for these grapes this year, this difficult year


Serifos The Writer's Home - Nature House
our small produce sweetens our souls and the sun-dried figs, our winter delicacy, help us stay hopeful for better days to come | August 2020


nature lovers, almonds our 2020 produce
almonds for a winter-to-come
nature | therapy | March 2021
so happy to hear her steps on our land during the night or meet her, sometimes early in the morning

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