The Host

vici-and-sarah-2013We live in the tiny gardenesque cottage at the edge of our country home’s land, taking care of the summer grapes that we will share if luck’s on our side and you’re here at the right time. Glad to give you tips and recommendations if needed.

Originally from Athens, Vici disembarked on Serifos in 1980.  She promised to herself to meet the locals, get to know them, make this island her place, be a local.  And she pulled it off: Serifos is really her place now and you may easily consider her, a local.  Since 2010, she guides The Writer’s Home & Guest-home to a sustainable place where human contact, homely care and attention to detail are redefining hospitality and where hospitality is forging connections that link travellers to the place, the space, the people.

serendipity home

Vici Theodoropoulou is a mother of two young men and a proud grandma.  She won an award in Arts and Letters with one of the latter, her Letter from Dublin, a novel (1997). Before then: studies in History, historic missions, historic Sources published and historic stews with Monologues, Articles, Short Stories, Radio Programmes and Luminous Boxes thrown in and served up every now and then in newspapers and magazines, on the radio, at the Benaki on Piraios Street, the ICA in London and elsewhere. The radio programme Fairy Tale Salad went out every day. An hors d’oeuvre that had whet the public’s appetite when she served up a second course: a novel, Game worth the Candle, and two travel books, Amsterdam and Southern Morocco, which did their thing in the shop window sans rival of the Atheneaum Boekhandel & Nieuwscentrum in Amsterdam, while Ypsilon Publications whipped the COOKIES out of the oven March 2009. A lover and orchestrator of alchemic situations, she devotes herself to pronouns as well as articles—to the we, me, you, him and them who are helping her set up LUDENS LABS, an outward-looking situation for those who believe art is as serious as play.

When in Serifos cooking for pleasure together with writing and hosting, are her favourites

our land is full of fennel, so she often makes fennel pies
the vegetable garden gives a lot of zucchini and onions, so she often makes fried zucchini, zucchini pie, zucchini salad, zucchini pasta and onion pie
life looks always better with a homemade sweet

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