The Writer’s Guest-home

‘sustainability from within’, Balkrishna Doshi

Serifos - unwind, reconnect, breath
unwind, reconnect, breath – that’s the spirit – lagom-like comfort

Imbued with a sense of calm and serenity, it is often called a nest and this was our vision. A 3min walk down to the beach Karavi, next to the lovely little hamlet of Ramos, a 15min walk down to the Port. This is our cozy tiny family-friendly and soulful guest-home and it includes a very comfortable double bed, a single bed suitable for a child, a fully-equipped kitchenette, a private bathroom with shower, a wind protected terrace (great and very rare privilege for the windy days on the island) with view to the Cycladic nature and the rocky mountains, a fabulous private courtyard with a dining table exclusively for this guest-home’s residents. Kick-start your summer with a stay during May or early June with us

Serifos best rental home

Not to forget, clean, fresh-smelling, hand-made cotton bed linen and towels, a desk for working at in peace, many books in different languages —we encourage our well-read visitors to leave a book or two behind for their successors to read and they’re delighted to do so. Some years ago, we started stocking up on contemporary Greek literature in translation; Wifi everywhere for those who want to combine their holiday with work and keep in touch, a private comfortable courtyard for lazing around in, chatting, reading or study. And last but not least, if luck’s on your side and you’re here at the right time: figs, grapes, pumpkins, pomegranates, mulberries, peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and everything else that grows in the grounds of our country house.

The intimate getaway with wifi. Hosts maximum 3.  Minimum stay 4 nights


Why it is so often called, a nest?

why do they so often call it a nest?

serifos the writer's guest-home
arts and crafts in the bathroom


a 3 minutes walk down from Home


book lovers at the Writer's Home & Guesthome
three book lovers spread in the courtyards, two women and one man, were reading their books today – and I dared to shoot only once | summer 2017

my darling Serifos

sweet dreams dears
beloved guests are resting at the guest-home after a long trip | April 2017

moments at the Writer's Home courtyards

Serifos Residency
She at her office, working. She at her master’s feet, sleeping


late September days at the guest-home’s courtyard | 2017

Serifos September Sun Silence Reading

sweet September
and the little Luise from Zurich took her first steps on Serifos | 2019


July 2020 – together again

serifos august escapism

how was your stay

book lovers at homeslow traveler at home

our single friendly nest sleeps three

that's the spirit
that’s the spirit

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