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We create space for everyone to have some quiet time in nature but, if needed, we will be glad to offer you tips and recommendations for the must-see places, the must-meet locals, the must-taste local produces, the must-hike paths etc etc.


Overlooking the boats entering or leaving the Port of Serifos while resting at the Writer’s Home afternoon terrace, is only one of the blissful moments you can experience here.


Enjoying quiet and peaceful moments in nature while relaxing at the Writer’s Guest-home terrace, is only one of the many blissful moments you can experience here.

Serifos' mineral treasure
when in Serifos, try to observe the island’s mineral treasure

For combining your lodging with discovering Serifos, this rocky and still unspoiled island with low population in Cyclades, bet we know the secrets and we love to share them with our guests.

The Monastery of Taxiarches, built in 1572.  Breathtaking architecture up to the mountains.  It hosts a number of religious heirlooms including many manuscripts and valuable rare books.
Mega Livadi, the small coastal village created to meet the needs of the miners.  One of the many worth-to-visit villages of Serifos
The Lighthouse Spathi, built in 1901, tower height 12m, focal plane 61m
going up, Chora, May 2020
going up to Chora, a never ending pleasure
Serifos June 2020
overlooking the Port from Chora the old town
celebrating the 20 years of Andromeda
June 2022, at the small open air theatre in Kato Chora
We would like to inform our passengers that in a few minutes the boat will arrive in Serifos, please get ready for disembarkation.
September on Serifos
when here in September

A playful though functional navigation to my darling island, Serifos

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Giannis Serfanto

The Iron Island – Serifos


Serifos, the Place and the Songs