The Writer’s Home

‘sustainability from within’, Balkrishna Doshi

Serifos Hygee Home

Without ruffles and frills, imbued with a sense of calm and serenity, this is our Home, a house to rent, ideal for families.  Yearning for lagom-like comfort?

serifos halloween 21

shshshshsss this is October

Serifos October @ The Writer's Home

Serifos Home, our Home sweet Home

This eco-conscious and soulful home,  a Nature House,  is nestled at the foot of the mount hill, a 3min walk down to the sandy beach Karavi, set on a lush landscape by a shady arbor with grape vines, juneberries trees, pomegranate, eucalyptus and olive trees

Serifos authentic nature home

The Writer’s Home welcomes you to a place of peaceful respite.  A real rural escapism.  Overlooking the sailboats in the sea. Family friendly. A Shelter for slow travellers


december in serifos at the writer's home

shsshshshsss this is December

Inspired by Cycladic architecture and sustainable practices, this nature-conscious house is an ideal residency for those looking for relaxed holidays in an authentic Home near the beach, with wifi.

Serifos, The Writer's Home
an eco-conscious soulful home | and the sound of the waves puts you to sleep

With light and bright rooms, wooden floors that invite you to walk barefoot, exposed beams and bamboo ceilings, a bird’s eye view to the aegean sea, surrounded by a lush garden with a grape arbor and an olive grove. A 3min walk down to the beach Karavi, next to the lovely little hamlet of Ramos and a 15min walk down to the Port, Livadi.

a summer evening on the afternoon terrace
serifos, our zen gardens
add the sound of silence on the morning terrace

Back in the 90’s this place was characterised as a “model dwelling for the Cyclades” on Serifos. Coloured cement and wooden floors like they made back in the day, wooden door and window frames, doors wrought by the local carpenter, local stone of course. Traveler that values the beauty of simplicity and the aesthetic of nature, may experience the uplifting magic of this eco friendly special residency with the beloved crafts involved and the fruitful land that surrounds it. Hosts 5 guests, sleeping on real beds in spacious bedrooms, all with amazing view to the sea and the surroundings. Minimum stay 7 days.

working vacations? are you a digital nomad or an entrepreneur? need a desk in paradise?
up to the mezzanine
Serifos - exceptional home
indoor living space
Serifos - sleep on this
bedrooms’ details

Serifos, a Home

Serifos the secret token
that’s the spirit when with us | 4 or 5 or 3 min walking down from home
part of the view when on the afternoon terrace
with amazing view to the sea
the afternoon terrace retreat
welcome home | Serifos The Writer's Home & Guest-home
welcome home
Serifos a Nature Home rental
June 2020


my darling Serifos

summer ends, thank you for being our guests
autumn is here, let’s have a good winter

Summer time in Serifos is super especially when sheltered inside an eco cool house surrounded by the invigorating nature. And this house, tried and true, is ideal to de-stress, unwind, re-connect, breath together with your beloved ones.


However, in Spring and Autumn the protection and comfort of a warm, eco residency, cozy, green-friendly, nature house, is an experience worth living.

Serifos humane stay

If you are an artist or a writer, whether you are looking for inspiration or simply searching inside, accompanied by your beloved ones or alone, take the chance and venture coming to the island during Spring or Autumn. You won’t regret it

that’s the spirit

Serifos playful Homo Ludens - that's the spirit

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