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‘sustainability from within’, Balkrishna Doshi

let's make the earth greener

Catch up on our frescoes.  Frescoes, literary fresh, are all these new things or services that our guests as like-minded folks, inspire us to add every now and then at the Writer’s Home & Guest-home.  Every year we love nesting in preparation for guests that appreciate the small gestures of a home-made hospitality.  So, despite cleaning up insides and taking good care of our lush garden -not to mention the difficulty of preserving a lush garden on a rocky land – we enjoy to think of frescoes that would coincide with our guests’ wishes for a pleasant stay. Readers, writers, artists and scholars, among others, we have noticed that enjoy coming in.  So, as from now, 2014, they will find on our shelves many books of modern greek literature translated, a kind offer from AIORA to our guests.  And, if you are interested for greek lessons while on vacations, bet we know the best tutor on the island.

exceptional guesthouse that's the spirit

NEWcomers are here and driftwoods became this spring’s creative work

Serifos - thanks to our creative guests

NEW 2016: three spare yoga mats and a few yoga accessories just arrived for our guests’ practice at home. enjoy.  And if you prefer a group along with a yoga instructor while on vacations, bet we know the best on the island.

Serifos retreat

NEW 2019: more books – greek literature translated – just arrived

new arrivals for us from Aiwra Publishers

NEW 2020: we celebrate for being a Nature House 

let's make the earth greener

Meanwhile, life at the Writer’s Home & Guest-home goes on as usual with cooking for pleasure,  grapes of love and moments of life | September 2022

grape must cookies

blooming in Serifos

September 2022 | Serifos The Writer’s Home & Guest-home

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