Early bird

During July and August you could rent the entire building: the Writer’s Home & Guest-home.

The Writer’s Home together with the self-contained Guest-home, was finished in 2000. Taking cues from the cycladic buildings’ original palette, the result would lead you to believe that it is an old remarkable build, excellently preserved.

the writer's house, a laboratory for inspired living
this Home contains the writer’s world. several objects, lots of books and crafts. all of them tessellating pieces of a writer’s, mom’s, grand mom’s universe  

It is set on a 1.500 square-meters lush landscape by a shady arbor with grape vines, juneberries trees, pomegranate, eucalyptus and olive trees.  It provides the residents with a 130-square-meters build separated in two units and it features no less than four courtyards which are introduced so as to ensure the residents enjoy the nature outdoors throughout days and evenings. Sleeps up to five at Ηome and up to three at the Guest-home, a total of eight people.  A three-minute walk down to the beach

Serifos - exceptional home
sneak peek from Home
Serifos - sleep on this
sneak peek from Home
Serifos -why to they so often call it a nest?
sneak peek from Guest-home

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