Hospitality Policy

We learn from the people who come and stay at The Writer’s Home & Guest-home, from what they found and enjoyed and what they would like to find when they will visit us again.  Even when everything seems just right, we wrack our brains to think of something else we could offer to make their stay even better. We want to make sure everything’s in place for an unforgettable experience, with whatever that may entail.

Welcome Policy

We meet you at the Port to guide you home.  Boarding in The Writer’s Home & Guest-home is a happy and promising moment of lodging in our getaway.

We are looking forward to meet you

Staying with us puts you in a prime place of our family.  Those of us who prepare to welcome and host, together with Sarah, our beloved labrador the four-legged member of the family, we wish you an unforgettable, refreshing and easeful experience at The Writer’s Home & Guest-home in Serifos.